Someday in a Place Out West

Book Design

Overview: This endeavor marked the inception of a trilogy of enchanting coffee table books in collaboration with the accomplished author and photographer, Jon Sheppard. It marked our inaugural venture into a series of diverse photography-based products with the esteemed photographer.

The culmination resulted in a splendid 9″ x 12″ hardcover coffee table book, comprising 96 pages adorned with vibrant full-color photography seamlessly woven with distinctive narratives. The resounding success not only testified to our synergistic collaboration but also kindled the author’s creative flame, propelling him toward yet another compelling installment in his ongoing series.

Beyond the realm of book design, our creative journey extended to the development of a photography-centric collection of greeting cards and their accompanying packaging. This multifaceted project not only showcased our versatility but also contributed to the broader artistic narrative crafted by Jon Sheppard.

Graphic Design